Current Issues

Development Ceased

I began UV Realtime development over 3 years ago, back in early 2011. At the time, UV Realtime quickly grew into a useful and valuable tool for troubleshooting U-Verse VDSL installations.

However, several events have occurred that have restricted my ability to keep the program updated:

  • In 2012, I quit my job working for another company and opened my own business. My new business is successful and flourishing, but is taking up a lot of my time, leaving me less free time to work on a personal project like UV Realtime.
  • AT&T has issued several new modem/gateway units like the Motorola NVG 510 and NVG 589, as well as the Pace 5031NV. I do not own any of these gateways and therefore it's difficult to add support to UV Realtime for them.
  • The UV Realtime channel database has not been updated since early 2012, and over a hundred channel changes have occurred since then. It would be a lot of work to get the channel database back to a current version.
  • Recently, I personally have switched both my Internet service provider and my TV provider, and I'm no longer at AT&T U-Verse customer.

For these reasons, I have decided to officially cease developement of UV Realtime. What does this mean for the end users?

  • There will be no further updates for the program. The currently downloadable version, v1.9.1, is final.
  • There will be no further updates to the channel database.
  • Donations will no longer be accepted.
  • The premium usage meter is no longer for sale.
  • If you have an existing lifetime or annual license for the premium usage meter, it will continue to operate properly for the forseeable future.
  • The UV Realtime website and the currently downloadable version of the program will remain available, but no support will be provided.

I want to thank everyone for the outstanding support I've had for this software. Many people in the U-Verse community have expressed their thanks for this program, and I've been very happy to provide it.

Crash on Startup

An issue has been discovered with UV Realtime v1.8.0.0 that results in a crash of the application on startup under the following conditions:

  • You have purchased the premium usage meter
  • You are using the "Billing Cycle" metering mode
  • The current month is January

If this issue is affecting you, please update to the latest version of UV Realtime, which fixes this problem.

Unable to Auto-Update with v1.7.0.0 and Prior

If you are running v1.7.0.0 or earlier of UV Realtime, it cannot auto-update to the latest version. Please manually update your installation to v1.8.0.0, which can then auto-update. Download the installer for v1.8.0.0 on the Download page under "Download Previous Version".

Other Support Issues

UV Realtime is no longer supported, but there is a wealth of information available in the UV Realtime Master thread on the AT&T U-Verse Community forum. Please search there and you will find the answers to almost all questions regarding the program.