Premium Features

New in UV Realtime is the ability to purchase premium features that enhance UV Realtime's baseline functionality.

There is one premium feature available at this time, the Premium Usage Meter. The Premium Usage Meter extends UV Realtime's built-in usage meter.

Baseline (included) Usage Meter Functionality

Premium Usage Meter Functionality

Purchase a subscription to the premium usage meter on the purchase page.

Product Activation

UV Realtime premium features are activated using an activation code. When you purchase the feature, you will be automatically e-mailed a registration code. Paste the code into the UV Realtime activation dialog box (About tab -> Product Activation tab -> Activate Premium Feature) and restart UV Realtime to activate your premium feature.

UV Realtime premium features are tied to your 2Wire Residential Gateway. If you must have your RG replaced, UV Realtime will automatically re-activate your premium feature the next time it starts up. You are allowed up to 3 RG changes per year. After that, UV Realtime will no longer reactivate.

Because the premium features are tied to the 2Wire RG, all instances of UV Realtime in your home will all share the same premium features. You only need to activate one installation, and then all installations on all computers will also be activated for the same premium feature. Note that this only applies to installations of UV Realtime which access the same RG. If you have UV Realtime installed on a laptop, and take that laptop to another network where there is a different RG, UV Realtime will start up and run, but without your premium features since they are not activated for a different RG.