UV Realtime development officially ceased on July 19, 2014. This website and the operation of existing installations of UV Realtime will continue, but no new versions or updates will be forthcoming. See additional details on the support page.

UV Realtime Screenshots

UV Realtime is a standalone program for PC computers that can retrieve information from a typical residential installation of the AT&T U-Verse® IPTV/VOIP/Internet system. Some of the information displayed consists of VDSL line analysis, network interface data rates, DVR information, STB channel and stream information, and Internet usage information.

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UV Realtime is designed to help you quickly gather information regarding your U-Verse® installation. The following information is presented:

System Requirements

Additional Installed Software

UV Realtime installs the 3rd-party open-source WinPCap and RRDtool programs to facilitate packet capture from your home network and store Internet usage data. See the Licensing page for details.